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Boston Metro Region

Bartlett School

Waltham    2004

The Bartlett School is a private school serving students in pre-kindergarten through grade six. The school was founded by Boston schoolteacher Norine D. Casey in 1933 and was subsequently headed by her daughter until her retirement in 1993. During that time the school was incorporated, became recognized as a non-profit, and grew to include grades seven and eight.

In 1998 the school moved from its original location in Arlington to leased space at the former St. Luke’s School in Belmont. Space constraints forced the school to eliminate grades seven and eight. With the recent move to their current Waltham location, The Bartlett School will be adding a seventh grade in school year 04-05 and the eighth grade the following year. PCI’s loan will allow the school to complete its next construction phase as it continues to grow toward a full K-8 grade school.

PCI Loan Amount: $380,000

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